Submitting of source texts

This is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way of sending the texts: The text to be translated can either be written directly in the e-mail, or attached as normal text file or compressed with the standard-ZIP-format. All file formats of the usual office packages are accepted.

In general, urgent translations should be sent by e-mail.

Sending the text by fax is fast, but then the text is not available as a text file. Therefore, more attention and time  is needed.

Printed Text
Again, just like when sending the text by fax, there is no text file available, so the same applies here.

Data carrier
As data carriers I accept standard CD-ROMs, DVDs and USB-sticks. As an exception I also accept 3,5′ disks, but then the work will take 4-5 days longer.

Delivery of target texts

Texts will be delivered by e-mail with the unformatted text as attached file or, on request, printed out and sent by non-electronic mail.

If requested, short texts of only a few pages may be sent by fax.

If the text to be translated has been sent on disks or data sticks, the target texts will be copied on these data carriers which will then be sent back (provided that the capacity of those data carriers is sufficient). More voluminous texts will be delivered on CD-Rom.

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